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Chapter 73 - 11/10/2012

Whilst there has been a small mountain of work carried out on the layout over the last couple of weeks, for this chapter I am going to ignore it completely.

Instead, I would like to announce something I have been waiting 10 years to do...

Wuiske Models in partnership with Haskell Co is very proud to announce the release of the FIRST EVER, mass produced, Ready To Run Queensland models!

As most of you know, we, like most other manufacturers in this country offered a pre-ordering and pre-payment scheme when we announced our A10 locomotive kit. As those of you who have met me will also know, I was always VERY uncomfortable with this and was adamant that I would avoid doing so again.
As a result, Wuiske Models and Haskell are proud to announce the release of the QLX louver wagons in HOn3 scale. This is not a heads up to say that we are looking at producing these. This is not a petition to see if people are interested in these.

This is an announcement to say that

In partnership with Haskell Co, Wuiske Models have spent the last little while preparing to release the QLX wagons in two different liveries, three different classifications, and multiple running numbers. And now they are finished.
These super detailed models are available in three-packs for just $175.00. They come without classification lettering or running numbers printed on them to ensure you can fill your layout with as many QLX wagons as were seen on the real Queensland System.

The wagons do include one piece decals for the following classes:

- QLX (in original livery)

- QLW (in original and corporate liveries)

- QLXH (in original livery)

- QLDP (in original and corporate liveries)
These models feature many additional and individually applied details including:

- Blackened wheels

- Separately applied handrails

- Accurately reproduced logos

- Accurately fine wheel rims

- Separately applied door latches

- Complete brake details including additional airlines and brake chain.

- Genuine Kadee #58 couplers

- Ultra fine profile wheels

- Modeller installed buffers and air hoses (for people running very tight curves) .
The wheels for these wagons have been tried and tested to ensure they will run on a minimum radius of 18 inches without any problems. They have also been tested on Peco, Tillig, Shinohara and Bemo track to ensure reliable running qualities no matter what type of track you have.

The coupler heights have been set at the accurate height above rail for Queensland Rail wagons. To cater for modellers with a higher coupler setting on their current rolling stock, we have included some spacers to raise the wagons.
The QLX wagons were introduced in the 1960s and have been a staple in the QR fleet ever since, with some still remaining in traffic to today. These trains ran in almost unit consists of QLX wagons throughout the 1970s and 1980s on the North Coast Line as well as the Western Lines.

These wagons even made their way onto several mail trains including the Westlander up until very recently.

In short, these wagons are a must for ANY QR modeller trying to recreate any era from the last years of steam up to today.
Alongside the release of our QLX wagons, we are proud to say that Wuiske Models again in partnership with Haskell Co will be releasing another model (or three) at the Ipswich show on the 27th and 28th of October at the Ipswich Railway Workshops.

We will have a reasonable number of new products being presented for the first time at this show, including a brand new coal hopper.

For those of you unable to make it to the Ipswich show on the 27th & 28thof October, we will be announcing and releasing the other models officially on the Monday or Tuesday after the show.

I would like to take the time to thank Haskell Co for working so closely with us on this and several future projects. Without their assistance and guidance these models would most likely not have been possible. They certainly would not have been able to be turned out in this quality and with this level of detail without their invaluable assistance.
Lastly, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you out there for helping us and supporting us over the last decade (our tenth anniversary was on the 25th of September) to ensure that together we could build the Queensland modelling market to such a level that has permitted us to take the gamble on producing a product such as this.

We look forward to producing many more items along these lines and working more with Haskell Co.

For those of you who have been paying attention to my little rants on here, you will recall that I have been talking about some big things we have been working on... Well, this is the first of those big things. There are a fair amount of other surprises JUST around the corner. But, as always... We shall see how we go.

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